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Testimonials: IT Services

James Lindley

Having initially trialled Brickwork after reading 'The 4 Hour Work Week', I am now a loyal customer who uses the service every month with a number of different research projects.

My research analyst and his team are hardworking and reliable, and are extremely proactive in seeking clarification where necessary.

I look forward to continuing to work with the team and expanding the remit of the various tasks that I provide them with.

James Lindley
Partner, Clearwater Wealth Management

Clearwater Wealth Management in London offer a wide range of services, such as investment & retirement planning.
Pia Krog

I have been working with Brickwork for some time now. It is always a pleasure working with my REA. She always understands what I want to have done and does it in a hurry. That means a lot to me. The quality of the work she does is Fantastic. I am a satisfied customer.

Pia Krog
Proprietor, Coffeebeansonline.eu, Denmark
Jason Tuohy

I was introduced to Brickwork after reading "The Four-Hour Work Week" and have been utilizing their services for a year now. Brickwork has done an amazing job in assisting us in building our business in a professional and far-reaching ways and has been one of the best investments our company has made. Our executive assistant has helped us in all manner of tasks including:

  • Web research in helping us to find potential clients
  • Develop an email marketing campaign
  • Executed email campaigns in an effective manner
  • Researched current legislation & provided reports
  • Organized email and calendar

With Brickwork's assistance, we have developed new leads that have generated business and have continued to work with them with follow up marketing campaigns. Our assistant is prompt, professional, and always ready to execute any task we assign. We look forward to continue working with Brickwork in our future projects and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Jason Tuohy
Sales Associate, Sky-Packets at sky-packets.com

About Sky-Packets:
Sky-Packets provides large-scale deployments of Free Public Wi-Fi to cities and municipalities helping them to gather much needed data about their communities and to provide the base platform for the future of smart cities.
JulieAnn Derby

Brickwork India's Content Development Team demonstrates a rare creative genius when using words to succinctly communicate my work. This past year has been a year of growth for my company in two areas (i.e. a new invention and my new artwork). This raised the bar for the level of work that was required on my content writer's part. They stepped up to the challenge and again exceeded my high expectations. Their contributions were essential for the successful release of the company's new website, launching a new invention, and capturing the meaning of new artwork. I have come to depend on their creativity, talent, amazing work ethic and collaboration skills. They are consistently bringing a unique and needed perspective to the work assigned. I am very thankful for having Brickwork as a part of my professional life. I have worked with thousands of people in my career and my content writer is one of the best.

JulieAnn Derby
Artist and Yoga Painter, HalolaH http://www.jaderby.com
Leo King

I am absolutely delighted with the quality of work I have received from Brickwork, and the time saving I have made.
My content co-ordinator has done excellent work creating and researching articles for me on a variety of topics. This has both saved me time and ensured I deliver a high quality of work during busy months.
My SEO analyst has equally provided thorough and highly useful work, improving the rank of my website and ensuring I get the right traffic from my content and for my descriptive pages.
I am very grateful for their high efficiency and attention to detail, which have helped me immensely, and I look forward to working with them again soon.

Leo King
Editor and Video Journalist
George Vrabeck

Since 2009, I've used Brickwork India for four separate projects.
First, I asked them to research the standup paddle industry in Costa Rica. The report delivered was outstanding.
Next, I asked for accounting help reconciling the checking accounts of two LLCs in which I’m involved. The accountant from Brickwork not only reconciled the accounts, but he also produced extremely accurate financial statements. Moreover, he delivered the statements earlier than projected.
The last two times I asked Brickwork for help was related to web site development projects. Again, they did outstanding wok, delivered more than promised, and were incredibly responsive. On the second project, my account manager remembered my server access passwords from my first project. I had the wrong passwords; he was cc'd on all emails and sent a message to everyone with the correct passwords. Unbelievable service!
I have extremely diverse business interests and expect quite a bit from service providers. Brickwork India has consistently delivered more than promised at a very very reasonable price. I'm highly confident I'll use Brickwork again for multiple projects. Equally important, everyone is both professional and a pleasure to have as a business partner.

George Vrabeck
Director and Investor, Granola Products, LLC
Ben McCarty

I discovered Brickwork India through Tim Ferriss's book, 4-Hour Workweek, and I have enlisted their assistance a number of times since then on projects large and small, complex and simple, from Market Research to Website Design & Development. Every member of the Brickwork India team that I've had the pleasure to work with has been more knowledgeable, professional, and eager to help. The amazing part of having them as a support system is that they can assist you with pretty much anything you need! As an entrepreneur, you know that Murphy's Law is always waiting for you around the corner, and Brickwork has been that all-in-one tool that solves whatever issues or needs arise. I can't recommend them enough!

Ben McCarty
Consultant, Internet Marketer at IM Vermont, LLC
Olaf Knauer

I read about Brickwork India in Tim Ferriss's book "The 4 Hour Workweek".
I engaged with them on different business projects like market research, finding developers, creating resume.
The best part of Brickwork India is they have a great bandwidth and capabilities to support businesses from any part of the world.
I interacted with different peoples in the different projects and were every time totally satisfied.
I learned from Brickwork its exceptional client centric approach.
I highly recommend every individual Brickwork. I wish all great success and look forward to work again with Brickwork.

Olaf Knauer
Mark Jeffery

I contracted Brickwork India to support me in my first 'launch' and drive traffic through SEO, advertising and social media marketing.
I was a complete newbie and I couldn't have been in better hands. not because fo the results of generating over 2,000 leads in one week BUT because of their processes and communication. This resulted in clarity and peace of mind during the potentially confusing and stressful period.
Their systems from initial contact, to agreeing the brief and outcome, through to appointing the bespoke implementation team, the daily communication, quickness to respond and I suppose above all for a newbie like me , their professional and patient support to be your guide.
I am now preparing the second brief for them for succession of launches.

Mark Jeffery
Founder, Gladiator Tennis and Training
Rajesh Vaidya

I read about Brickwork India in Tim Ferriss's book "The 4 Hour Workweek".

After necessary due diligence, I engaged with them on my business website and business plan projects.

This happened sometime around October-2013, and since then, the association has continued to grow stronger.

The best part of Brickwork India is they have a great bandwidth and capabilities to support businesses from any part of the world. You seldom hear ‘No'- and that opens up multiple possibilities for entrepreneurs - especially when they are in startup process and running on thin resources.

I have interacted with a team of people and they are the visible front end of Brickwork India. I am sure there are many other colleagues who have been supporting Earth & Stars through their silent but solid contributions.

Brickwork stood out for its exceptional client centric approach and down to earth team with competence and commitment.

I wish every individual and team Brickwork great success and look forward to have a long and profitable association in days to come."

Rajesh Vaidya
Director, Earth & Stars SRL
Nav-Vii Production Company

I have used several freelance contractors in the past and my experiences have not always been very pleasant. I read about Brickwork from Tim Ferriss' book and it was the best recommendation I could have ever hoped for! Brickwork is a top notch professional company and there is almost nothing that they can't do in regards to programming and much much more. I personally worked with Brickwork Developers for website development and my experience was fantastic! Brickwork was very thorough and my website now has the functionality of any Fortune 500 Company. I look forward to future IT projects with Brickwork and it is a pleasure to work with such a professional team of experts.

Ivan Hammond, Owner
Nav-Vii Production Company

Brickwork have been a pleasure to deal with over a number of years. Their quality of work, professionalism, knowledge, and follow through has impressed me from day one. Our developer is very responsive and quick to address questions. Our projects can be complex and involve construction of a significant online platforms that Brickwork are very capable of developing. This provider is patient, adaptable, and very competent; I would highly recommend Brickwork.

Toby Spoerer, Consultant

Working with Brickwork has been an education in administration management. As a small business owner I do not have the structure in my office to sustain the people required for my ideas to grow. And I know I cannot do everything myself.I have found the teams who help me at Brickwork to be professional and very clever. I like it when they offer ideas, and complete tasks in the expected time. Brickwork REA has been an excellent IT guru for my website in the design and development phase - although I'm cranky she didn't put the mobile option in from the beginning! The results of her work is always beautiful. All administration tasks require excellent communication and sometimes there are hiccups. I was happy that Brickworks upper management structure meant that if I was unsatisfied or having trouble with something, we could work it out. It has been an overall very positive experience for me and I like the company.

Dr. Ilana Mendels, Director

The Brickwork IT Services team enabled me to bring my dream of owning a business website into a reality. With clear direction and a task oriented work plan, the team provided valuable support in the form of daily task updates and granular progress reports on every element of my project from start to finish. Our website was built on a rough concept, but the ability of Brickwork's programmers to swiftly recognize objectives and offer applicable coding solutions was a major key to the project's success. Without their assistance, it would have taken years for this to be possible. The IT Services team at Brickwork will go out of their way to ensure your project's success - whatever your IT needs are, Brickwork has a solution.

Thank you,

Mark Stermer, Technology and New Media Professional
Whirley DrinkWorks Corporation

We have in our group of companies used Brickwork India for several years. Both when it comes to complicated webshop - software programming and customer interaction we have always found a way forward with our projects and day to day operations, keeping our websites up and running with updates, product news and day to day maintenance of our software platforms.

I can warmly recommend others to challenge Brickwork with their assignments and project work. We have worked with Brickwork for the past 6 Years now and never felt in a situation, where it was needed to change our current set up or seek other opportunities because we have been let down.

Keep Up the Good Work !!

Torben Krog, International Sales Manager, Europe, Africa and the Middle East
Whirley DrinkWorks Corporation, Denmark

I have worked with Brickworkindia for almost 4 years since 2008. I have made many fantastic websites. The professionalism, engagement and the very creative and hardworking designers. I am a very satisfied customer and will continue my work with them for many years.

There is a few words I can say: Professionalism

And eventhough we are on each side of the planet is has always been the biggest pleasure.
I can only recommend Brickworkindia.

Pia Krog, Sales Manager
Coffeebeansonline.eu, Denmark
Precifix LLC

Brickwork did a great job developing my website. They were experienced, responsive, and on top of things. I would definitely use them again.

William Zev Steen
Precifix LLC

“Brickwork rescued my online business. I am a very creative person with hundreds of ideas and too little time to get things done. From simple tasks like database entry to newsletter writing all the way up to SEO, SMM, building and maintaining the company's website and social media presence and even creating an App - Brickwork does it all. I came across Brickwork while reading "The 4 Hour Work Week" by Timothy Ferriss and needed to outsource...fast. Brickwork took every task on with a smile and got it done in an extremely professional manner. People ask me what my secret to success is. I always answer with one word: “Brickwork”.

Jonathan Tilley
Motivational Fitness Coach and Owner of GetFitPod.com
Pace INC

“To provide you with some feedback with regard to your work for us over the past few months: the work from my standpoint has gone very well. The team’s ability to mould yourselves to our way of working to meet us at the point of our changing and developing business needs has been well received by me our team. We are looking forwards to continuing in the same way as we start to work together on projects for our customers, most notably Microsoft. I thank you for all the hard work and for the patience that you all have had at times in waiting for us to be ready with some of our deliverables. It’s been a great Q1. Keep it up.”

Alan Dowzall
Pace INC

Brickwork has been developing an online reporting database for us. The project is complex in that we need to integrate disparate product usage data from eleven of my clients across the United States into an integrated database that customers can access via our web site.

Your development team has been able to receive our requirements, in both verbal and written form, and translate these requirements quickly and efficiently into functional code on the website, based on the .NET platform. The process of understanding software requirements, which is abstract in nature and often difficult to define, can easily result in frequent miscommunication. However, miscommunication has never been an issue in the process of working with your team. The analysts are very bright, energetic, intuitive and bring all of these qualities to our project. They listen carefully and also add value to the process of refining our requirements by asking clarifying questions and by pointing out options we may not have considered. They also communicate frequently and consistently throughout the development process, sending e-mails when they need clarification and informing us when they need us to review changes. This constant and frequent communication has allowed us to answer each others questions, reduce ambiguity and keep the project moving forward through a series of small checkpoints along the way.

I am very pleased with this relationship, and I intend to send more projects their way.

Founder of a boutique consulting firm in the United States
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