Virtual Admin Support
for Large Enterprises

Forget the digital virtual assistant. Discover the power of a human VA, who listens, understands and is quick to learn exactly how you want to be supported.

Our Enterprise Solution

Brickwork is a boutique firm, that pioneered the concept of Remote Executive Assistance in 2005. With 18 years of experience and investment in this space, Brickwork has crafted an “Admin Centre of Excellence” that has standardised the admin support capabilities; integrated best practices; developed a tracking and reporting mechanism; and implemented strong governance procedures.

Despite a plethora of personal technologies and automation available for leaders to become self-sufficient and efficient, leaders still need the human support provided by the Admin staff. Today, the Admin professionals’ capabilities are beyond the traditional role and have evolved into higher levels of skills and specialisation in business functions. Instead of restricting their roles to that of a typical admin support, today’s Admin functions as an Executive Assistant who specialises in skills needed for the leader they support. For example, an EA could be specialised as a Marketing EA, Finance EA or a Procurement EA depending on the leader they are supporting.

In 2023, the goal of the Shared Service must go beyond the traditional drivers of cost saving, employee productivity and efficiency. Today organisations are realizing that impacting employee experience and providing them the needed support, directly translates into business impact in terms of increased innovation, higher ROI on employee cost, enhanced agility, and increased top line growth.

Brickwork’s Managed Services program for Admin and Business Support solutions has attracted Fortune 500 companies to whom we have provided impeccable Service Excellence with 98% customer satisfaction score. What sets us apart is our flexibility in customising to clients’ unique requirements, and transparency in our governance and partnership. Brickwork is the first and largest ISO 27001:2013 certified virtual assistance company, that prioritizes tight security controls to safeguard their clients' data. This is an important factor for large enterprises to trust us. With 18 years of experience backing us, we have developed services, procedures and standards that meet the requirements of large enterprises

One Admin Center

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Data Privacy & Security

At Brickwork, data security is an ongoing practice and security practices are imbibed in our culture. We have implemented stringent data security measures to protect and secure the network, data and resources while delivering high-quality services to our customers.

We treat "Customer data" with utmost care, keeping in mind the privacy, security, and confidentiality concerns. Below are privacy, security and confidentiality measures employed at Brickwork to safeguard your data.

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  • CertificationCertifications
  • Physical Security ControlsPhysical Security Controls
  • IT Security ControlsIT Security Controls
  • Access ControlsAccess Controls
  • Data Security AwarenessData Security Awareness
  • Business Continuity PlanBusiness Continuity Plan
  • People CompliancePeople Compliance
  • Incident Monitoring CapabilitiesIncident Monitoring Capabilities