One Admin Center

Brickwork as a Partner

Value Proposition for Executives

Freedom from

  • Routine and non-value add work
  • Hiring hassles
  • Performance Management of your Admin
  • Investing on Skill development/Training of your Admin
  • Managing Admin absence

Customer-centric, uninterrupted support

  • Support you can rely on at all times through backup Admin buddies
  • Bespoke support to individual business needs and working styles
  • Ease in managing work-life balance
  • Availability of Admin at your convenience and your need of the hour
  • Flexibility to go beyond the scope of work

Quality & Agility

  • Trained resources for quick onboarding
  • Readily available talent for Adhoc projects
  • Admins trained to act on any instruction
  • Senior talent to support highly demanding projects

Benefits for Shared Services Organizations

Higher ROI

  • Direct and Indirect cost savings
  • Infrastructure and Operational savings
  • Higher Customer to Admin ratio
  • 30% increase in executive productivity
  • Support for a larger manager population for greater productivity boost

Access to Talent

  • Competency-based hiring
  • Continuous skill development
  • Established on-boarding practices
  • Well-defined career path to retain best talent
  • Improved cross group learning and best practice sharing
  • Performance Management
  • Contingent workforce for full-time, part-time, seasonal, temp and project-based staffing

Risk Management

  • Your data on your server
  • ISO 27001:2013 certified ISMS
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Agreements and NDAs
  • IT and Physical Security controls