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Accounting Assistance for a Certified Accounting Firm

Customer Background

The client is a Certified Public Accountant and the Founder of Certified Accounting firm based in the US. The firm insources the accounting activities from individuals and other businesses and works efficiently towards reaching their financial goals.

They collaborate with their clients via an advanced secure website platform to support a streamlined and highly efficient workflow. All the activities are performed online, clients always have real-time views of their data and financial situation.

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It’s an absolute pleasure to work with each of you. The notion is not lost on me that I couldn’t do what I need to do on a daily basis without each of you. I appreciate you both very much and look forward to working with each of you for many years to come!
                                                                         - Founder

Project Objective

The firm has been managing the accounts of over 800+ clients. Our client was looking for a partner to manage the backend operations and assist his firm in day-to-day administrative activities, such as manage the client databases, coordinate, and collect financial documents, update clients about the progress of their tax preparations. The main objective is to assist all the certified accountants associated with the firm to access their documents depending on their business needs to fulfil their clients’ goals.


  • Brickwork has been successfully managing the back-office operations. The client is happy with our assistance and helped them repurpose their time for business expansion.
  • The firm recently acquired 2 more accounting firms and planning to increase the workforce by 2023, expecting to outsource more projects to Brickwork.

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