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Sales Prospects Identification for a Supply Chain Finance Application

Customer Background

Client is a professor at one of the top universities of Applied Sciences and is called the “Guru” of Supply Chain Finance in The Netherlands. He, along with two other founders manage a game-based learning simulation company that aims at developing value chain LEADERS.

The company’s mission is to support a more sustainable and inclusive world, where every student and professional has the chance to understand and improve value chains. Their team-based simulation games touch on core value chain topics such as supply chain management, working capital, and the circular economy.

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I must acknowledge the impressive work by my REA team to get all the mailing out to the Top 25 schools before the weekend. Great Job! A big thanks to both of you for all that you have done !!
- Partner

Project Objective

The objective was to generate leads for supply chain finance application. Sales leads are to be sourced from 30 business schools across 20 countries around the world. Campaigns are conducted regularly to introduce/train leads on the application. LinkedIn and Salesforce are for lead management.

  • Shortlisting prospects
  • Sending invitations
  • Connect through LinkedIn
  • Set reminders on next steps
  • Update communication in Salesforce
  • Create profile for new customers


  • Periodic cleansing of data, created reporting dashboards in excel for data analysis and Created KPI dashboards to evaluate website & event performance
  • Brickwork assisted on new ways of Lead Generation by creating organizational structure for 60 universities for new business opportunities/leads
  • Screened over 9000 profiles from Jan-Jun 2020 with 99% accuracy. As against 6000 profiles in 2019 with 70% accuracy
  • Brickwork’s assistance helped in shortlisting business opportunities and business expansion in Germany, France, Italy and India. Use of client products in the corporate sector is also being evaluated

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