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Strategic Business Event Management for a Marketing Firm

Customer Background

The client is the Owner of a privately held mid-size business founded in 2004 with headquarters in Newport. A marketing firm that offers complete marketing and intelligence solutions through events for selected educational partners, innovative businesses, and esteemed professionals. Firm with close to 200 employees specializes in Intelligence, Analytics, Events, Conferences, Knowledge, networking, Education, and Marketing, organizes closed-door committees for leaders from multinational enterprises.

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Working with Brickwork India helped me to strategize major activities in my business. I want to thank them for all their support. Over the years I have tried many virtual support companies, but it was never the right fit. My REA's punctuality and her organizational skills are through the roof. She is incredibly quick to learn, compared to multiple people I have worked with over the years. And more than anything, I can say she genuinely cares. This makes it a solid foundation and I look forward to working with Brickwork in the coming year

Project Objective

Client reached out to Brickwork in 2014, looking “to outsource as much as he can, so he can only deal with face to face, or on the phone key meetings with no other admin tasks”. We continue to collaborate with client and are assisting on the below activities:

  • LinkedIn connect and Gmail Campaigns
  • Generate B2B leads – extract contacts using online tools
  • Data cleansing & Formatting databases
  • Event co-ordination and Resolving queries
  • Scheduling calls with C-level executives from Fortune 500 companies


  • Sales team saw an amazing 80% conversion rate of positive responses based on the new ways of building leads
  • Saved 35,000+ hours of non-core work by outsourcing. The entire process was standardized
  • A team of REA’s working for 5+ years for client’s company
  • Business operations expansion in USA and UK

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