Our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Brickwork’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is integral to everything we do, as it impacts our stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, and local communities. Brickwork Foundation is a non-profit organisation that implements all our community development initiatives.

Our strategy is centred around four key areas:

serving underserved
Serving the underserved
responsible business-practices
Responsible business practices
environmental sustainability
Environmental sustainability

Serving the Underserved

We run a targeted and result-oriented program to provide quality education to students in government schools and employability training for school dropouts. The expected outcome is that students should become proficient to their maximum abilities and develop an all-round personality so that they can navigate confidently in today’s competitive world.


We adopted 3 government schools for a whole School Transformation project. The program seeks to make the schools joyful, clean and effective learning spaces where children feel happy to come. The objective was to improve learning outcomes and increase student enrolment in a scenario where government schools were facing depleting student enrolment.

Salemane Anganvadi PreschoolPhysical infrastructure:

  • Completely renovated Anganwadi. Changed old wooden rafters with MS structure.
  • Increased classroom area by demolishing storeroom inside the classroom.
  • Vinyl flooring for safety of children.
  • Constructed a new storeroom with RCC Roofing adjoining the kitchen to store food grains.
  • Provided covered activity area by extending the veranda with tile flooring.
  • Provided new covered play area with play equipment.
  • Provided separate modern toilets for girls and boys with tile flooring, urinals, water flushing system etc.

Education quality

  • Trained teachers to make them at par with leading private pre-schools.
  • Provided workbooks, toys and story books for students


  • The school’s student strength increased by 56% in 2 years

Janata Vidyalaya High SchoolPhysical infrastructure:

  • Smart class facility with 42”TV and high speed internet and power backup
  • Toilet renovation
  • New Green boards for all classrooms
  • Created a New Play park with various play equipment

Education quality

  • Maths and science kits and workbooks for laboratory work
  • Dedicated computer teacher
  • Well stocked library with the introduction of mandatory reading period for students.
  • Dedicated English and Hindi teachers for improving the language skills
  • Student mentors to improve English through the “Hello Anna, Hello Akka” program.
  • Additional nutritious food to students on a daily basis.
  • Additional online coaching for class 10 students during the pandemic when schools were closed
  • Better equipment for sports and musical instruments for the school band


  • The school strength increased by 26% in 2 years

Salemane Primary SchoolPhysical infrastructure:

  • Renovation of old school building including replacement of roof, windows and doors. Provided new vitrified tile flooring and completely re-plastered and painted the building
  • Spacious place for students to have their lunch by extending veranda
  • Computer lab with smart class facility with LED TV, fully equipped Science and Math lab and Library with furniture and books
  • Power backup with UPS and highspeed internet connection for the computer lab
  • Spacious classroom for Nali-Kali students with new furniture
  • Renovation of toilet with new flooring, doors, windows, urinals, washbasins and proper water and flushing system
  • New Green boards for all classrooms
  • Covered hand wash area
  • Renovation of play area with new play equipment
  • Janitor for cleaning the classrooms and common areas
  • Construction of storm water drain in front of the school to avoid flooding of the school grounds during rain.

Education quality

  • Teacher training for using internet to teach
  • Computer literacy to students from class 1 to class 7.
  • Internet facility to enable teaching materials from YouTube for science, mathematics, English and other subjects.
  • Better facilities for sports and games.
  • Musical instruments for school band
  • Training students in English drama and skit
  • Science and Math lab kits
  • Dedicated English teacher for spoken English
  • Well stocked library
  • Exposure to students about business skills by organising a student trade fair


  • The school’s student strength increased by 33% in 3 years
  • The quality of education drastically improved with the teachers taking active interest in all round activities.
  • The students became confident and interested in studies due to practical computer education, science and math labs, spoken English training along with numerous extracurricular activities.
  • Students have put up excellent performances especially in an English drama, making the talk of the town.

Responsible Business Practices

We are committed to creating a culture of integrity and trust, through strict adherence to the highest standards of globally accepted business practices

Organizational Compliance

  • Brickwork follows all government regulations in letter and spirit, including regulations for labour laws, health and safety practices, legal compliance, environmental safety guidelines, financial disclosures and tax compliance.

  • Brickwork uses only licensed software and strictly complies with anti-piracy practices.

CSR reporting and disclosure

  • Brickwork follows all regulatory requirements for reporting and disclosure of CSR activities and expenditure.

  • Brickwork Foundation implements all CSR programmes of Brickwork and has cleared rigorous governmental due diligence to get approval from FCRA to receive foreign funds as donations.

Customer Data privacy & Security

  • Certifications: Brickwork has been accredited by DNV-UKAS for ISO 27001:2013. This accreditation validates our data privacy policies and practices’ compliance with stringent international standards. Brickwork is also compliant with the GDPR guidelines for our European customers.

  • Physical Security Controls: Brickwork’s physical infrastructure protects its onsite servers and network from unauthorised access.

  • IT Security Controls: Our customer data is protected using industry-class web application firewalls, secured VPN-based network connectivity, encryptions, restricted access controls and other data protection and privacy measures.

  • Data Security Awareness: Brickwork has created a strong “security-first” culture amongst its employees, by incorporating mandatory security training and audits throughout the year. Restricting personal smart phones, tablets and cameras inside the work area has further strengthened our data security.

  • Business Continuity Plan: Our BCP plans confirm our commitment to providing uninterrupted service to our customers and has proved 100% successful during the pandemic.

  • Incident Monitoring Capabilities: Well-defined procedures for incident reporting is in place to monitor, mitigate and learn from incidents/weakness related to data security, physical security, and people safety.

Workplace & People Compliance

  • Hiring: As an ethical business practice, we are committed to putting the right people to work with our customers. We follow industry best practices to ensure compliance and carry out:

    • Mandatory background checks for all employees in accordance with the applicable laws
    • Mandatory execution of Confidentiality and Non- Disclosure Agreement, acceptable usage form and consent form outlining their responsibility in protecting customer data
  • Inclusion: kwork is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace. To operate successfully as a global organization, it is essential that our people reflect the rich diversity of our local talent. Being an equal opportunities organization, Brickwork does not discriminate on grounds of race, religion, gender, place of origin or caste while hiring or providing growth opportunities but operate purely on performance and competency.

  • Code of Business Conduct: It is mandatory for employees to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the company guidelines, non-disclosure requirements, and ethical standards. Employees are expected to maintain professional etiquette while at work, and behave respectfully with colleagues, vendors, and contractual staff. The company expects employees to report any incidents that violate Brickwork’s code of conduct or impacts its reputation.

    Brickwork Gift Policy strictly and clearly outlines the restrictions with respect to gifting or entertaining of and by customers and vendors. Employees shall neither receive nor offer any unauthorised payments, remuneration, gifts, or any service that is intended to obtain any favours from vendors or customers.

  • Safety & Health: Employees must follow safety standards and report any unsafe equipment, or unhygienic conditions or any cases of drug and alcohol usage.

  • Awareness Training: Mandatory employee awareness trainings are conducted to heighten employee awareness and compliance with data security, code of conduct and policies regarding POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) Act

Environmental Sustainability

We strive to make efficient use of natural resources, minimize environmental impact of our activities, and promote environmental awareness

Organizational Compliance

  • Reefwatch program: We supported 90 school kids in the ‘Budding Naturalists’ program in 3 years in the Andaman Islands to develop an overall appreciation and sense of responsibility for their natural ecological surroundings. Students were taken out on frequent excursions to understand the various ecosystems, observe patterns in nature, the impact of temperature on marine life, the seaso nal changes in plants and animal behaviour, echolocation in whales and intelligence in octopuses. The training also included practical sessions on emergency first response, use of microscopes, making illustrative drawings of the life they observed and swimming with confidence to feel oneness with their natural environment.

  • Madiwala Lake Development: We have a programme to promote awareness of the local and migratory bird population at the beautiful Madiwala Lake in the heart of Bangalore city, in association with the Karnataka forest department. Our future plans include infrastructure projects to make the lake safe and attractive to visitors.

Water, Electricity and Waste Management

  • Reduction of power consumption by implementing an energy saving lighting system and other electricity-consuming equipment.

  • Reduction of water consumption by installing a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) so that wastewater is treated and recycled for toilet flushing and gardening.

  • Recharging of ground water through Rainwater Harvesting for our office building.

  • Generation of farm manure by installing a wet waste composting unit for treating food and other wet waste.

  • Responsible recycling of all dry and electronic waste through approved agencies.

  • Reduction of paper consumption by going digital to the best extent possible for our business.