Brickwork maintains very high standards of ethics, integrity and fairness while retaining high focus on performance, thus contributing to the overall wellbeing of all our stakeholders including Employees, Customers, Vendors, Community and the Government. Below are the guidelines

Organization Compliance

Employees who have access to proprietary and confidential information must take precautions to keep it confidential and ensure that it is not used for personal or commercial benefit or misused in any way that may be detrimental to the company’s business.

Brickwork uses only licensed software’s and strictly complies with anti-piracy practices. Employees should take prior approval before downloading new tools and software.

Workplace Compliance

Brickwork is an equal opportunities organization and doesn’t discriminate on grounds of race, religion, gender, place of origin or caste.

To strengthen data security, personal smart phones, tablets and cameras are not permitted inside the work area.

Employees must follow safety standards and report any unsafe equipment, or unhygienic conditions or any cases of drug and alcohol usage.

Employees should maintain professional etiquette while at work. And behave respectfully with colleagues, vendors and contractual staff.

The company expects employees to report, any incidents that violates the Brickwork’s code of conduct or impacts the reputation of the company.

Customer Compliance

Brickwork is a certified ISO 27001:2013 and complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Hence employees are expected to adhere to all the guidelines and data security checklists.

Customer contact details and customer project information is confidential, and access is only given on a ‘’need to know’’ basis.

All communications with customers can only be through authorised communication channels.

Employees shall neither receive nor offer any unauthorised payments, remuneration, gifts, or any service that is intended to obtain any favors from vendors or customers.