Innovation is a major driver at Brickwork. Every employee contributes to service innovation, especially all the frontline employees, who interact with customers. At Brickwork we combine knowledge, imagination and technology to enhance performance, find innovative solutions and deliver service excellence.

Eureka Hub

"Eureka Hub" is a platform enabled on the intranet portal for employees to submit their innovative ideas and suggestions for improving the experience of all stakeholders, including customers and employees. The objective is to promote innovation and creative thinking and develop a team of Future-ready employees who think out of the box, are proactive and can imagine solutions that take virtual support beyond the traditional.

VA Innovation Lab

"VA Innovation Lab" is a community of enthusiastic employees and subject matter experts, who are keen to imagine and implement innovative ideas. The Lab provides these creative minds the space to research on all possibilities, build prototypes and test new technologies, tools and applications using the Design Thinking process. The selected ideas are then embedded into our service delivery process, resulting in enhanced customer delight.